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Multistop Pathfinder

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Deliver more efficiently with Multistop Pathfinder powered by Graphmasters

If you work in delivery services, Multistop Pathfinder is what you need to significantly improve your company and workflows. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, your team, vehicles and current depot can make more deliveries in less time. You can process up to 15% more orders without any additional resources! This makes drivers’ day-to-day work much easier, offers dispatchers a real efficiency boost and allows depot managers to make significant savings. In addition, you can reduce your environmental impact by alleviating congestion and optimising route planning.


One system, many advantages

Optimise your routes to boost your fleet efficiency while ensuring compliance with the Arbeitszeitgesetz (German Working Time Act). Benefit from an integrated system and our comprehensive service.

  • Advantages for depot managers

    • Up to 15% more deliveries with the same fleet and drivers
    • Greater efficiency as a result of dynamic route planning
    • Predictable working hours for drivers
    • Dynamic route distribution in the event of fluctuating parcel volumes
    • Improved environmental footprint thanks to efforts to reduce congestion and emissions
  • Advantages for dispatchers

    • Short training period for new drivers (2 days)
    • Dynamic fleet overview
    • Real-time delivery status tracking
    • Separate loading from driving with load compartment management
    • Planning tool to determine the best strategy for each day
    • Dispatcher support based on artificial intelligence
  • Advantages for drivers

    • Reliable and predictable working hours
    • The driver receives the vehicle fully loaded
    • Dynamic route adjustment in accordance with current traffic data and the orders to be fulfilled
    • A more relaxed driving and working experience thanks to reduced congestion
    • The vehicle-integrated solution is always ready for use

How can I use Multistop Pathfinder?

The fully integrated solution is available in the Crafter model. For all other vehicles, there is an Android app that can be used via a tablet.

Our solution for your challenges

Those working in courier, express and parcel delivery services face many challenges every day: it takes a long time for drivers to become fully trained and acquainted with the fixed delivery area assigned to them. In addition, the high volumes of orders and busy roads make it increasingly difficult to comply with statutory driving times.

The cockpit of the VW Transporter 6.1.

Multistop Pathfinder supports you by:

  • Evenly distributing orders by route instead of by delivery area
  • Loading the vehicle using loaders without drivers needing to be present, allowing drivers more actual driving time
  • Enabling any driver to drive any route thanks to the navigation system and load compartment unloading display
  • Avoiding congestion and reducing fuel consumption by means of dynamic route planning
  • Assisting drivers who are not familiar with an area through the system-supported navigation system
  • Offering a fully integrated system that is always available and requires no external hardware

Makes day-to-day work easier

You will see noticeable improvements across all areas of your company, including reduced costs and simplified workflows.

In the foreground a man is pushing a parcel van, in the background is a VW Transporter 6.1.

Greater flexibility with intelligent load compartment management

Intelligent load compartment management is another helpful feature of Multistop Pathfinder. It allows the vehicle to be loaded and unloaded by different people, even when the delivery order changes at short notice. The shelves are divided into smaller compartments for this purpose. During loading, a suitable shelf compartment number is proposed. If the loader places the item for delivery somewhere else, they simply scan the number of the chosen compartment. At the time of unloading, the corresponding shelf compartment number is displayed to enable rapid retrieval.

A parcel deliverer scans a parcel while loading it into the VW ID. Buzz Cargo.


The Multistop Pathfinder has been available since September 2023. If you are interested in developing your business with the Multistop Pathfinder, please contact us by email at multistop-pathfinder.vwag.r.han@volkswagen.deOpens a mail link

A man fills in a note on a clipboard in the driver's seat of a VW Transporter 6.1.

Release Notes from Multistop Pathfinder

Stay up to date: Find out all about software updates for the Multistop Pathfinder here. Benefit from new and improved features and keep your Multistop Pathfinder up to date.

Order now and benefit.

No matter the size of your business, we can support you with vehicles, know-how and the Multistop Pathfinder on your way to compensating for skills shortages, reducing your costs and increasing efficiency.

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